Builds & Repairs

We love fixing, maintaining, upgrading and building bikes. Should you need to fix a tire, perform a regular maintenance or build a brand new custom bike — stop by or give us a call!

In Need of a Bike Repair?

Price list


Hourly Rate


E-Bike Hourly Rate


Fix Flat

Approx. 10min


Tubeless Sealant Install

Includes sealant - X2 for Fat Tires. Approx. time 10min

min $10

Install Accessory

Fender, Rack, Etc. Time varies, hourly rate


Wrap Handlebars

Approx. time 20min


Replace Chain

Approx. time 10min


Replace Cassette

Approx. time 10min


Replace Chain and Cassette

Approx. time 20min


Adjust Brake/Derailleur - Traditional

Approx. time 10min. Cost per each.


Replace Brake Pads (1 Brake - Non-Disc)

Approx. time 10min


Replace Brake/Derailleur Cable

Internal Cables. Time varies, add hourly time costs.


Replace Disc Brake Pads

Approx. time 15min


Bleed Disc Brake (with Fluid and Disposal)

Approx. time 35min


Replace Disc Hose and Bleed

Approx. time 45min


Install Disc Brake

Approx. time 30min


Install Caliper/Canti/V-Brake

Approx. time 20min


True Wheel (Basic)

Approx. time 20min


True Wheel (Advanced)

Replace Spokes, Etc. Approx. time 30min


Adjust Bearings

Headset, Bottom Bracket, Hubs. Approx. time 15min


Repack Bearings

Does not include King Bearings. Approx. time 25min


Bike Tune Up

Adjust Brakes, Gears, Bearings, True Wheels, Clean/Inspect. 90min


E- Bike Tune Up

Approx. time 90min


Tune w/ Drivetrain Cleaning

Clean Chain/Cassette/Pulley. Approx. time 110min



Tune + Replace Cables + Chain/Cassette, Repack Bearings. 240min

min $40

E-Bike and E-Shifting Firmware Update

Time varies. Hourly rate $120