When we received a new batch of FR FRD framesets at our California headquarters, we were pretty excited to plan a special custom build project. Even though we are all working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, a few Slack channels, video conference calls, and inspired debates led us to scope out what we consider to be a dream build to help inspire those looking to create their very own unique complete bike from a frameset.

Many of our models are available as framesets only, including frames for road, triathlon, cyclocross, and track. And while we also offer many great complete builds in our line, it’s always fun to create something from scratch. By using a personalized selection of groupset components, wheels, handlebar, stem, and more, we’ve enjoyed the fun that goes with the decision process, the in-team debate over what to get, and the joy of unboxing all of those pretty new bike parts to lay across the table before the build even starts!