Battle Road Bikes is a community-focused shop that serves every type of cyclist, from trail shredder to roadie, from commuter to new riders of all ages. We are a group of passionate cyclists with a commitment to fun rides and local advocacy.

Meet the team

Jim Cadenhead

Jim Cadenhead

Jim Cadenhead is one of the founders of Battle Road Bikes. Jim started as a BMX grommet, but as a youngster he recognized his passion for all types of riding. His experience in the bike industry also encompasses founding Orange 20 Bikes in LA and Cranky’s in Santa Barbara, CA. Jim started wrenching at shops in 1993, and his mechanic jobs have included Bicycling magazine and Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington; however, he is also pretty proud to have been a BMXpert for an issue of BMX Plus!

As a mechanic, Jim was introduced to the bike messenger world, and he spent a decade delivering packages around Richmond, VA, DC, and L.A. Jim has also helped to guide non-profits as a member of the steering committee for the Bicycle Kitchen and the board of directors for SBBIKE. His favorite rides these days can sometimes still be on a BMX bike, but they are often on a mountain bike with his daughter or the NEYC mtn bike team – Afterschool Suspension.