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March 10, 2023
Family Bikepacking in May 2022

We’re starting to get ready for the riding season this year, and we’re currently finishing prep work on some cool events! On top of working with the ‘Ghost Riders’ and ‘After School Suspension’ youth mountain bike teams this year, we’re putting together a family bikepacking overnight from the shop on May 27th. (The picture above is from last year’s event, which was a lot of fun!) We’re also working on a two night bikepacking route over the June 23rd weekend – this will be near the Summer Solstice, so some of the longest days of the year. We are planning a Bikepacking Clinic on June 5th with northeastbikepacker.com, for those that are looking for some help dialing in their setup before the ride.

The ladies of After School Suspension 2022

We’re excited about all the riding this season, and we’re stoked to be riding with you! We have a lot of inventory that is currently on sale, so come by and say hi. we’d love to help gwt you out there and enjoying this riding season!


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