Just Added – 2 Smog Cutter Bars in 53! (and so much more to come)

January 18, 2023
2 L.A. legends represented by each bar

(NOTE: All bars have been SOLD!) Los Angeles was once home to the Smog Cutter Bar (RIP), and I’ve definitely forgotten more that happened there than I remember – and that’s not just old age speaking! The ladies behind the bar were characters, and karaoke nights got wild. Golden Saddle Cylery (also RIP!) teamed up with Sim Works to produce the Smog Cutter Bar in recognition of the storied location. We still have a couple pairs in the 53cm width, and I don’t want to see them go (getting all the emotions just writing about them) – but really, these bars need to live on. They need to create smiles. They need to make feelings, and memories, and facilitate happier people. (I’ll put them on our online store, but we’ve had some issues processing payments there, so call us if you want to order a pair.) And, we also have some other Sim Works goodies, like the Bubbly pedals, if you’re looking for other cool parts!


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